Monday, January 7, 2013

Easy DIY necklace

DIY necklace

This is probably the easiest necklace to make. The components are:

1. The ribbon which was purchased ready with clasp (how good is that!)
2. A jump ring and
3. A pendant.

The tool required is a pair of pliers (2 will make it easier) to twist the jump ring to attach the pendant and ribbon. This simple DIY job takes minutes. The completed necklace which I am looking forward to wearing is shown below.

DIY Japanese girl necklace

It can easily be made more dressy by adding some bling (some sparkly beads perhaps). All components can be purchased easily (having said that, I will not be able to tell you where this Japanese lady pendant can be found, but you will be able to find other pendants). One of my favourite stores is an online store, Over the rainbow.

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