Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY framing

This is a quick, easy and inexpensive way of framing your images on fabric. In fact I found 2 embroidery hoops in a charity shop for a few dollars, one of which I have now used to frame this emblem for a friend.

The emblem was on a T-shirt, which - after nearly 8 years – has shrunk. It was a competition she had played in, so I managed to save the emblem so that she can now put it on her wall as a memento. 


To frame the image, I placed the hoop and adjusted the fabric until I was happy with the position of the image (my image looks a little bit crooked here!). Then I cut the fabric off around the back of the hoop, using a serrated scissors, leaving an excess of about 1 cm.

Framing with embroidery hoops

I glued the excess fabric onto the frame so that the back looks tidy.

Easy isn’t it?

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