Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY Concertina Book–Part 1

I am in the midst of making a DIY concertina book. So far, I have completed the internal pages, and in Part 2, I will stick the cover to complete the book.

The book is 60(h) x 210(w) mm, but when I cut my papers, I add another 20 mm to the width. I score and fold the 20 mm section, then stick it to the next page (which also has the 20mm section). So we keep joining the pages until we have a long piece of folder paper.

Making a DIY Concertina book

My completed pages look like this. You can see some of the 20mm sections below.

Accordian fold

Instead of sticking the pages together, you can make the pages using a long piece of paper. This is a simpler option – see the video below.

For my book, I am using a deckled edge for one side of the book:

Deckled blade

After cutting with the circulate blade above, I fold and separate the 2 pieces.

Deckled edge

This is what my stack of pages look like (see below). I like deckled edges, and it is also a way to cover up imperfections.

Deckled edge

Part 2 to come, after I buy the materials required to make the cover.

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