Saturday, December 22, 2012

An unlikely tool for sketch journaling

Pill wrapper

“What?” I can almost hear some of you exclaim but please read on. I came across this wonderful tool from my friend and drawing buddy Angela, and I decided to try it for myself. This is a cheap way of expanding your travel watercolour set.


Firstly, I made sure that the emptied medicine/pill wrapper was small enough to fit into my watercolour box.


I added watercolour and gouache into my the cavities of the pill wrapper and I now have 4 additional colours to carry around. The extra “load” is negligible.

Angela uses double sided tape to secure the pill wrapper to her box, but I decided that I will not so that I can still have as much space on the lid to mix my colours. I just have to place the pill wrapper onto the table  – no hassle at all.

Hope you like this. Have you got tips of your own to share? Love to hear them.

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